Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lamp Upcycle

I took this old lamp I used to use as a prop in  my old shop out of the depths of the shed a wee while back with the full intension of giving it an fact now i'm not working on Superscrimpers this side of Christmas ive gone crazy crafting mad and am upcycling the back log of gems screaming out for love ive been collecting over the summer!....I promise ill blog it
So this is what ive been up to...starting with the "old lamp".

So, i super simply slapped on a couple of coats of regular household chalk based emulsion in tapestry green then a little varnish, covered the shade in a flippin adorable floral fabric, Cath Kidston for Ikea, cutting out the sections and sticking on using fabric glue.... DONE... so easy and looks a beaut under my stairs next to the toy chests/suitcases.

I LOVE a bit of upcycling and still to this day get a feeling of utter smugness with every home make!
Much love x x