Sunday, 26 August 2012


I popped a picture on Twitter @ the stunning Sophie Ellis-Bextor this week of my Glamtastic shoes i custom....anyway, cutting a long story short i have been asked to tell all how i do's so so so easy, costs next to naff all, will take you an evening and looks AMAZE!!!!!
So here goes......
What you need:
*Fabric covered shoes (Patent and shiny just don't seem to look as nice)
*Fabric glue (i use Hi-Tack glue as that seems to work the best for me and isn't uber expensive)
*DIAMONDS! I get mine from my local fabric shop for 99p for a handful if you dont have a local get eBaying!
*Wooden nail stick (Superdrug or chat up your local nail bar for a free one!)
What you do:
Now it all depends on how POW your feeling, do you want diamond smoothered heels...heels and wedge or THE WHOLE SHABANG!
Start at the edges and glue an area about the size of a pound coin, wet the end of the wooden stick (this makes picking up the twinkles easier) dab a diamond from your pile and pop it on the glue...keep going until you have a headache from all that sparkle!
I use about 5 bags usually.
Leave to dry over night and wear with pride!
Now then....i'm not being funny BUT these little beauts all hand done by my me with tres love look allot like a certain designer and fashionolas dream shoes begining with a G and ending with a A... G*NA.... they wont cost you £600 but they will cost you about a FIVER! NICE!
Now flee.....flee to your local craft shops for glue and sparkle...and take this cry with you "POWER TO THE CRAFTER!"
Much love x x x x

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Homemade washing powder

I really should have put this post up a couple of Wednesdays ago as the number of people who have asked me for the recipe since i tipped it on Superscrimpers is HUGE! so I'm sorry for leaving it a week and a half but here goes......

Now then, now then, this is a REALLY great and cost effective alternative to regular washing powders, not only does it cut out unnecessary chemicals found in regular detergents, but when also used in conjunction with an energy efficient appliance, makes for a more ecologically sound alternative.

Leading Bold lavender washing powder is £3.75 kg Mine just near a quid 50 for the same and personally i think its better, AND leaves you feeling rather smug too!

What you need:

1 100% vegetable oil unscented soap I get mine from Waitrose for (£1.66 for 4 bars)
250 mls worth Washing Soda Crystals
Essential Oil
A large pan

What you do:
Using a large pan with about 1 pint of water and bring to the boil.
Whilst the water is being brought to the boil, completely grate the bar of soap add this to the boiled water
 You must make sure that all the soap has been completely dissolved before taking off the heat.
Add 250 mls (made up to around 1 pint with water) of the washing soda crystals and around 20 drops of your chosen essential oil.
Bere in mind that lavender essential oil has been linked to hormone disruption in young boys and possibly pregnant women. (I never knew this before SuperScrimpers…no wonder my boys are crazy….i was mad on the stuff before i knew!) so i use lemon oil.

This will be more gloppy then dont worry...

I would love to hear how you get on.....please see my post on homemade fabric softener too...UTTER SMUGGNESS FOR ALL!

TTFN x x x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Free wild flowers

As you may know I'm a bit of a hedgerow foraging fanatic!
My sister Emma (Below left... has an on par obsession to mine for foraging and scrumping) and i sent ourselves skipping down the lane with scissors swinging from our pinkies and wicker baskets in our paws, ready to find some special wild flowers to adorn our diners!

We found our hooters being punched by the pong of a giant Lilac Bush (or Syringa vulgaris....just to impress you!) they are AMAZING flowers, i remember calling them Butterfly bushes as a sproglett as they attract swarms of beautiful insects.....any road just pick as many as you can carry (don't worry as long as your not trespassing its not illegal) and shove them willy nilly in a vase/jug/bucket. go, go on, get out foraging for Lilac right now....and do NOT let me darn catch you in Waitrose buying posies when natures florist gives us such a beautiful bounty this time of year!

TTFN x x