Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Vintage Tea For Me!

Got a text from my friend that read; "mum has two tea chest boxes. Any good to you for creative purposes?" ..... Eeeeeeeeer does a Bear jobby in the woods!?

They where delivered quick sharp to my front door, upon seeing them I wizzzzzed with excitement (much to my friends step dads amusement.....yet another gentle fellow who doesn't get my love for anything knackered/vintage/old/retro and or grotesquely unique!)

I've been looking for a "something" for the wall behind the table for ages and the giant pile of wicker just wasn't cutting it!

So as from this day forward my "new" 1973 Assam tea boxes abode in there new home, looking splendiferous, smothered with original markings and instructions..... I LOVE THEM!

{ a sneaky beaky told me they know where there may be more...I have no more room so I'll happily divulge if your interested! }

TA RA x x x

Monday, 20 February 2012

Vintage cake stand lovage!!

I have a love for all things china and all things vintage, it's part of my "old lady chic" mentality!
One of the first things I upcycled for hard cash was a three tier cake stand made from vintage tea plates (before they became all the rage!) they are so charming and super sweet and they look adorable plonked on the table, piled high with cakes and finger sarnies accompanying afternoon tea and Elderflower Champagne (my own homemade hooch)
I sell them by the truckload to blushing brides over the wedding season and it's such a joy knowing they are attending someones life changing day!
I was asked to get making this weekend by a very special friend who wants to use one in the celeb gifting lounge at London Fashion Week (Giggles like a girl with delight!) although it has to be 4 tiers (I'm kicking myself for never doing this before) and I'm so impressed I shall be making more for your summer teas! (although you can't tell my friend....she may want a cut!)

I'm now off the watch myself embarrass myself on Superscrimpers!

X x x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

One for the girl who has way too many rings!

I don't know about you but i have a RIDICULOUS amount of statement and sentimental rings and for practical reasons (like accidently poking your children in eyes and getting them stuck in your hair) they never seem to see the light of day for at least 6 months at a time...

Anyway, long story short i was having a bit of a clear out and came across masses of my much loved statement rings. So im gazing at them, piled high on the dresser twinkling gloriously in the winter morning light, i was about to brutally shove them back in to the black whole that's my dressing table then thought, how lovely it would be if i could actually get some use out these old beauties.

Then it hit to me....why not pay ode to my other jewelry obsession (statement necklaces...ooooooo i do love a statement necklace!)

So heres what Clairey did next...........

You will need:

* A bunch of your statement rings....as many as you like....GO CRAZY IF YOU WILL!

*A chain, necklace or ribbon

What you do;

* Shove them all on the necklace in a random fashion.


Please feel free to a moustache on the dodgy looking bird in the photo

TA TA x x x x x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

One mans trunk is this girls treasure!

Yesterday was terrifically "tip shop Wednesday" now, to be 100% honest 50% of the time I'm well and truly disappointed and find diddly squatt BUT yesterday i hit the jackpot twice!!!

Some may and some may not know this about me but i have an absolute obsession with vintage luggage cases, i literally have them in every room, piled higher then my nose, filled with an array of "gotta keep junk".

Well i happened to see these giant trunky beauties hidden away in the corner of the tip shop storage unit...i look and see and £20 sticker on both "THATS £40, IM NOT HAVING THAT" i utter to my Daddio (whom 5 minuets previous I'd happened to bump into at the tip, which added fuel to my suspicions of where i get my pirate scavenging genes from!)

So..... i haggle, then haggle some more, flash a smile, even call one of them James Bond, FINALLY walking away bagging them both for £5 each. 75% discounted......... BARGAIN!

They have been spit spot cleaned and now house more of my every growing families toys and look tremendous...what do you think??

So now its got me thinking....i don't have any more room for any more of my oh so loved cases maybe i could UPCYCLE future luggage finds!............


TTFN x x x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Just a really quick one to show my appreciation to a man, it doesn't happen that often i thought i'd blog about it to see what you think!

*Uncle James Blow and his new found (slightly obsessive) love for industrial pallets!*...

One of my very closest man friends who i have always held very high on the DIY front, utterly excelled himself recently when he proved to me (and is wonderful wife pictured below) that not only is he imaginative but down right thrifty! MAN THRIFT .... THERES A THING!

He needed a new fence and cupboard for his "boot room" (they live in the forest......tres posh)but on a budget. His wife, we will call her Emily, generally doesn't settle for second best or second hand so Mr Blow had is work cut out.... and what a show of work he did!

I personally think he should ditch the day job of Master mechanic and technician and concentrate on upcycling Pallets!

Big love to the Fam' that rock, Uncle James, Auntie Em, Hugo the impeccably behaved Weimaraner, Tom Tom, Edy and of course Ola and Buenos Dias to Manny x x

Back tomorrow after tip shop Wednesday! x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Just to add to my tea cup obsession...and to please certain people!

I've been asked (badgered in to) by a bunch of buddies to write this wee post with the recipe for my magnificently sweet homemade tea cup candle, that i showed on Superscrimpers last Monday (yes i've been able to remove myself from behind my pillow now i've stopped cringing!)

You where going to be in for some uber vintage storage love, paper rose ring treats followed by upcycled commercial pallet gloriousness, but you will just have to wait a few more days for that now!....

Now then, Now then.... Tea cup candle or Tea light.
Vintage tea cup candle from £9.50

You will need;

* A cup and saucer, it could be vintage or not vintage, i got mine from a charity shop and it cost well under a quid.

* Some old, used, unwanted candles (Try not to mix too many scents, it just pongs BAD!)

* Wick....now you can either use the wick from the middle of another old candle or you can find new self standing wicks on EBay for about £2.00 for a bunch.

* A large saucepan of boiling water and a smaller saucepan or metal jug (that will fit in the larger one nicely)

What you do;

* Either click the link below for the latest episode of Superscrimpers here i show you how ( about 2.5 minuets in ) or follow these really simple instructions....

* Pop your broken unwanted candle bits into the small pan/jug and pop it into the large pan of water (try not to let any water get in to the pan of wax, its not dangerous just ANNOYING!)

* While that's slowly melting, take your small length of wick and dip it in to a little melted wax and secure it on to the bottom of the teacup, i hold mine in place with a bit of sticky tape that's placed over the top of the cup (if you have free standing wicks you don't need to do this)

* Once your wax is liquid VERY CAREFULLY pour it into your tea cup

* Wait for it to dry .... meanwhile, make a cup of Earl grey...I'm always up for a bit of Bergamot!


They make such deliciously wonderful gifts or be utterly selfish and keep them all for your self!

Now go and make, make, make....and tell your friends!

Ta TA for now x x

P.S If you do happen to watch the video below then do promise you wont laugh and/or chuck rotten food at you telly box!

CLICK HERE FOR EPIODE 2 SUPERSCRIMPERS:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU9gWPIkohY&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rag Heart to Warm Your Heart.

My, my, my, isn't it cold! I'm not sure about you but this freezing coldness gives me such an urge to get super cosy under and blanket with a little bit of "tinkering" craft to pass the long evenings that can be finished in time for my bedtime cuppa and possibly uses up any old fabric or old clothing that's just too pretty to be turned into a duster and so I DO NOT have to venture outside!
To my delight I found some left over edges of the Cath Kidston fabric i'd previously used for my cushions, it was a little shabby and screaming to be turned in to something gloriously chic....rag heart is what I'll do! Oh I do like a rag heart, my house is full of them, perfectly teetering on every available door handle and wardrobe nob....possibly a sign of how long our winters are!

What you need;

* Wire coat hanger
* Wire cutting tool
* A bunch of old rags, the tattier the better, cut in to strips let's say as long and as wide as your index finger.
* A little ribbon or string for hanging

What you do;

* Carefully cut the wire either side of the hook and bend it in to a heart shape (my sister doesn't use cutters at all and uses the coat hanger hook to hang it on the wall and it stays nice and big) fix the two ends in place with some sticky tape or twist the two ends together after you've made it into your heart shape.
* Now make a cuppa, your fingers will need a little rest after all that bending!
* Knot your pieces of fabric all around the wire.
* Tie a little ribbon to hang.


Told you it was easy. I'm off to rummage for tomorrows crafty caper and to find my thermals ready for flea market Friday!

Bye for now x x x