Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Free wild flowers

As you may know I'm a bit of a hedgerow foraging fanatic!
My sister Emma (Below left... has an on par obsession to mine for foraging and scrumping) and i sent ourselves skipping down the lane with scissors swinging from our pinkies and wicker baskets in our paws, ready to find some special wild flowers to adorn our diners!

We found our hooters being punched by the pong of a giant Lilac Bush (or Syringa vulgaris....just to impress you!) they are AMAZING flowers, i remember calling them Butterfly bushes as a sproglett as they attract swarms of beautiful insects.....any road just pick as many as you can carry (don't worry as long as your not trespassing its not illegal) and shove them willy nilly in a vase/jug/bucket. go, go on, get out foraging for Lilac right now....and do NOT let me darn catch you in Waitrose buying posies when natures florist gives us such a beautiful bounty this time of year!

TTFN x x


  1. I adore Lilac, its one of my favourite scents, but did you know the old wives take about it? Apparently having lilac indoors, is bad luck! Dont know why, there was no explanation in my book "Lost countryside wisdom" I think it is one of those old wives tales, I would love to know why though! I pick it and pop it in vases and milk bottles and have it around my porch! That way I get to smell it, and so do my visitors, but it isnt really inside, so I get good luck too lol! Love your blog xxxxx

  2. Just had a little google and apparently Lilac was used to line coffins in days gone by, to mask the scent of death, therefore making it unlucky.... sorry to bring gloom to your blog! I still love the smell though xxx

    1. love you comment BUT with old wives takes, i got to a point with Magpies when i was saluting 3 time, rubbing my nose, turning around and saying 'hello Mr Magpie, how are you today'... kinda got too much, living in the country and seeing Magpies in every field, i gave up on 'old wives tales'! x

  3. Ah, yes, lilac.... only these aren't!! Lilac flowers are carried upright on a tree/shrub with heart-shaped leaves (and are long over by this time of summer!); what you have there is Buddleia or Buddleja davidii. Still utterly beautiful though! (I have a white one in my garden that has been a magnet for butterflies this summer!)