Saturday, 29 September 2012

About me and my little past...

I was told that i don't really give much up...about the 'real me'.
Well a little story about me (there is so many, not so interesting ones but a few 'grounding ones')
I usually keep this very close to my chest but i shall divulge this, mainly to expose this 'illness' and hopefully give a little hope to those in a similar situation...

I have had since i was about 18 a tumour in my pituitary gland (in my brain) it is (touching wood) benign and staying put, i was told that i would always find it hard to have children...this took its toll on me emotionally for so many years and stole waves of my tears, i honestly thought there was no hope, any road with drugs and the magic of the wonderful doctors at the Royal South HANTS hospital i managed to conceive my first...shortly followed by my second!
It all started when i kept on getting head aches (bastard head aches) that would just stay....and i was getting symptoms of a pregnant woman...mood swings, thick head of hair e.c.t....BUT i couldn't put an ounce of weight on!! So....i shipped myself off to the doc's for what i thought would be a diagnosis of being under weight and a smoking habit of 30 a day (i was a wisp of a girl) plus maybe just having my dads teeny stealth thinny thin genes!
I had a blood test, i was told 'they would not rule out cancer'....words that will still haunt me to my grave
I had a brain scan...MRI.... its was odd but ok
I then met a specialist who told me i had a tumour in my pituitary gland....... BENIGN!!! Holy shit was i relieved and they chucked me on a course of drugs....BUT i would  find it super hard to have sprogs and would more then likely only conceive with IVF, so after what seemed a life time of 'trying' Mr G and i looked into IVF... now.... it happens allot, apparently, you can't have kids yet so, look into IVF, buy a new extremely expensive car, buy a house on a street that's known as 'dead mans shoes', fill it with a load of shit that causes you a plethora of debt THEN...oh look what happened....the test says YES....YES....bloody YES!
So, 10 years along i have been blessed with 2 beautiful babies.... and I'm honestly aware that I'm totally lucky and lucky beyond words!

I know for a fact that there is so many woman that are at the cusp of this diagnosis and need to know that there IS hope and 'normality' can still happen.

Here's to all you beautiful woman who may be struggling to have family, i hope my wee story brings you a little hope, if you want to chat.....please do and if you want to know more the link is at the bottom.

Much love x


  1. Thanks for sharing your story Claire, so happy that you managed to have your kiddies and hope your story brings hope to other ladies out there. Xxx