Friday, 23 March 2012

Bleach Print T-Shirt MOUSTACHE STYLE!

I've been meaning to give bleaching a t-shirt a go since i saw it being gloriously "tipped" by Gem on Superscrimpers, then a couple of days ago my Niece was doing the same thing for her home work ( i know... home work's got cool!) So ive decided to give it a whirl...

Of course the I LOVE MOUSTACHE thing isn't just a craze for me *side eyes*, i DO love a moustache, my Daddy (ledge') has a moustache and I LOVE MY DADDY!

So heres what Clairey did next;

you will need;

* A dark color tee

* Card

* Scissors

* Chalk or a fabric pencil

* Bleach

* Cotton bud

* An old magazine or newspaper

* Fabric pen (optional)

What you do;

* Lay the t-shirt flat

* Cut out a template using the card.

* Mark your motif on your tee with the chalk.

* Pop your magazine or newspaper inside the t-shirt to stop the bleach printing on the back

* Carefully paint the bleach on to your tee with the cotton bud.

* Now wait a bit...i takes a while.....maybe take some tea!

* When its reached the color you like, fling it strait in the wash.

* If you like when its out and dry, add little detailing with a fabric pen...up to you!


I'm off the look after Mr G, he had too many Ribenas last night x..............

There he is look...say hi Daddy! x