Friday, 13 April 2012

Bathroom cabinet made SUPER EASY!

Sorry I've been off the radar for a couple of weeks.....I've been giving my house decorating a real full on attack while slotting a bit of skiing (or falling with no style) in the middle.

I've managed to build up a plethora of upcycling goodies of late and I'll be blogging about them, so keep 'em peeled.

First things first....

A quickie upcycle for you


 I've been hunting for a couple of cabinets from car boots, charity shops the tip shops for yonks. FINALLY i thought i had better chuffing well put my years of upcycling to good use, get off my ample bottom and make some!

As i have made it pretty clear i have an unnatural love for anything wicker, i have it hidden and stacked up in every crevis of my house, any road, i took two (rescued from Little Arthur's AKA Thumpers room).

 One had a bit of a dodgy lid so i ripped that off and got painting with some white bathroom paint, fitted a little shelf (some sweet Cath Kidston packaging i just couldn't chuck), a pretty curtain (used from some left over window dressing courtesy of the alps.....we'll chat about that next time)
and some little "stuff" pots in the form of vintage jelly molds. You can go to the bother of putting lots of shelves ect in but as im a little lazy and impatient so i use little Tupperware a treat! TA DA!!!!


Hope you like, im super happy with them and they cost me NAFFIN!!!!

                                                         XXX HAPPY FRIDAY! X X X

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