Thursday, 26 April 2012

Quick kid proof upcycle

I've been looking for 6 non matching all wooden chairs for AGES so i can paint them in my long standing obsession (Annie Sloan chalk paint) can i find any.......... NO!

So until such time i find some i'm just going to have to make do and mend...i did a little upcycle that's perfect if you have fabric seats and kiddies, pets and/or are ridiculously darn clumsy with red wine (side eyes)

I used mismatched oil cloth (wipe clean heaven) found in the bargain bin in Cath Kidston, stapled the fabric on to the seats making sure the edges are folded neatly. Easy as that, took me literally 20 minuets and has certainly stopped my eye from twitching at all those stains!

In the mean time...if you happen to see 6 pretty awesome wooden dining chairs for sale/swap/trade/steal .......just hola! 

Ta Ta x x


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