Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Paper heart garland, superscrimper style!


I showed this on Channel 4s Superscrimpers and also while I was hosting a talk at The ideal home show, they where shown as Christmas decorations but Truth be told, these adorable paper hearts are for all year round and I currently have my kitchen wall teaming with the beauty's, and the joy is, they take 5 minuets to make but look super complicated and you in turn super crafty and smart..... WINNER!

Here's what I did.

Cut 6 strips out of you some pretty paper (I used pages from an old dog eaten/unreadable book) you need to cut 2 of them at 12cm x 2cm, 2 at 10cm x 2cm and 2 at 8cm x 2cm.
Take some string that's about 15cm (ish) and fold it in half (making a loop)
now you need to make a sandwich with your string and paper, so, take your two 12cm strips and sandwich them either side of your string making sure the middle of the looped string is at the top of the strips and the cut ends of string are running towards the middle of the strips of paper.
 IMPORTANT...if you are using paper with writing on it, the writing needs to be upside down at this the top is effectively the bottom.....gettit!
now take your 2 10cm pieces and sandwich them either side of the 12cm strips, making sure the strips and string are all level at the top.
then finally make a sandwich with the 2 8cm strips.
grab a staple and clip the layers together, make sure your nice and firm so the string doesn't fall out!
NEARLY FINISHED! Now flip it over and pull down the 2 8cm strips so the ends meet together, then the 10cm strips, then the 12cm strips, making sure the ends are held together and lined up neatly like a deck of cards! Clip together with a staple.
give it a little jig and pull and your DONE! if my instructions are any good they will look like the picture above!
You can tie tonnes of them onto a long length of string and smirk with smirky smugness when your friends ponder with glee at your hand crafted garland......"oooh your so crafty arn't you" *side eyes*

Till next time x x


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