Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Im not sure wether this is "normal" but I feel a huge rush of excitement fill my brain whenever my eyes catch a glimpse of a stuffed full skip!

Allot of the furniture in our house has at some point in its life been in and dragged out of a skip of some sort and either cleaned up or up cycled.

I've found amazing treasures, like my latest find, this AMAZING chesterfield leather armchair, found simply but stumbling across a skip full of someones unwanted junk (as my mum always says, one mans junk is another mans treasure) 

So, there are some unwritten rules to skip diving, you can't just go jumping in your nearest giant bin in the hope of finding a pot of gold!...Here are my 3 rules, these should keep out on the right side of your neighbour and the law!

1) Don't go out actively looking for a skip or house clearance, chances are you won't find any, keep your new found hobby loitering at the back of your mind ready to expect the unexpected waiting around any corner.

2) ASK,ASK, ASK, ALWAYS ASK! The person who the skip belongs to may not want you digging around there old belongings, although chances are if you tap on there door and ask very nicely with a smile you'll get the nod.

3) Wear boots and gloves, I keep wellys and thick gloves in my car...not just for moments like this.....You never know when you will need them living in these 'ear parts..... Flip flops or Toms are not a great way to protect your pedicure from shards of glass or worse!

Lastly don't forget to share with your friends, you never know when they will return the favour. Skip diving may not be for you, and thats totally fine, saves all the treasure for me!!! 

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  1. 90% of my furniture is second hand from skips charity shops or family and friends hand me downs. I always get comments on how amazingly chic my house looks

  2. Here in America we call it dumpster diving and I happen to be the Jacques Cousteau of the art. And it really is an art because you come to understand what is really a treasure and what is, well....just trash. Most of my furniture as well are salvaged treasures. I have so little understanding as to why people throw away perfectly useful items. It's wasteful. Guess that's why I love your blog. Waste not want not. LOL.

    1. I couldn't agree more Blair, i never get why people would just dump useable things, why not just give them to charity? Anyhow, one mans junk is another mans treasure so as long as people keep skipping unwanted things you and i can keep rescueing them!!! x

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