Thursday, 7 November 2013

Visiting Padstow - Rick Stein's seafood restaurant and vintage treasure!

While on our travels in sunny Cornwall we took a day trip to Padstow, it was a little soggy but as always oh so worth it... if you ever get the chance to visit Padstow please please treat your self to a long lunch at Rick Stein's Seafood restaurant, i first visited The Seafood restaurant with my brother in-law a few years ago (he and i sharing a mutual love for seafood) we ordered 2 glasses of champagne and the "Fruits de mer", people around us sighed and "aaaaaaahed" thinking we where celebrating an engagement or anniversary...this was more then a little awkward seeing as i value him as close as a blood relative but it was worth the moment or two of blushing! Have you ever tasted the true taste of the ocean? A collection of freshly caught sea creatures arranged perfectly on ice in the form of a towering volcano! A party to my senses.... I will always remember that lunch as one of the best 2 hours spent eating amazing food and sipping bubbles in my life!

On our way home we passed a vintage warehouse called Goose shed, nearly causing Adam cardiac arrest as I screamed STOOOOOOOP he did a perfect emergency stop and off i skipped towards a magnificently arranged display of vintage architecture and home wares.

Set over 2 floors Goose shed is a haven for a vintage home ware lover (thats me!) There's quite a masculine and industrial feel about the shop and everything's extreamly tactile you do find yourself smoothing dresser tops, opening draws and turning taps on reclaimed bathroom sinks.
With so much of their time quite obviously spent over each item cleaning, restoring and shabby chic'ing the price does reflect to popular belief and possibly because i am on a TV show called Superscrimpers, I'm NOT cheap.....i don't buy something because its cheap and i don't scrimp on quality, if i have to pay the right price because something is worth it i will...and this collection by the Goose shed is one of those places where quality really shows its self and you will be damed if you can find anything like any of there wonderful pieces anywhere in an antique shop or online auction site for any less! I very nearly came home with a stunningly cute feather filled vintage sofa and if i'd won the roof box debate Adam and I had before we set off for St. Ives we would have lobbed all of our clothes up top and i'd be coming home with a beautiful new bottom rester.  Needless to say I didn't win and I didn't come home with a new amazingly comfortable and chic sofa....Darn!

Take a visit to Goose shed's website or if you're passing pop in, so worth a look and i'll certainly be visiting next time we head down to Cornwall....WITH a roof box.

Claire x

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