Thursday, 21 November 2013

This weeks up cycle - cardigan lounge set for wee Bunny

This week has been the start of the real winter BRRRRRRRR'S, come 4:30pm the log burner is on at full blast and so are the cosy slacks.

For a while i've been searching for a super cosy, soft, quality and snuggly lounge set for the boys and especially little Arthur who has the most softest and sensitive skin, I did find a few, but I found was either £100 plus, utter dross or even worse, the unbreathable sweat inducing cheapo onsie's!

So I decided to make my own for them, starting today with a set for Bunny (Arthur). I found a wonderfuly soft and cosy cardigan in a charity shop, it was a ladies size 14, after a thorough launder  I rearranged the arms into trousers with an elastic waist and the front and back into a little cardigan with a blanket stitched neckline, hey presto Thursday's up cycle!

He seems to love it, I offered to change him for dinner and he point blank refused... so I'm guessing thumbs up all round!

I'm thinking of making a few more, starting with Archie's over the weekend, i have a super soft grey marl cashmere cardigan with his name written all over it!

Claire x


  1. Watched you for so long and only just decided to google you!!

    Today saw you cleaning silver, I've done something similar for years but using washing soda. It means that I can use lovely silver - plated - cutlery without whole heaps of work, cool.

  2. Me again and off the point as usual. I now see that you are in Hampshire - I'm in Chichester - and I wonder if you know the lovely Becky from Plan for Mondays. She has opened a shop in Southampton and here is her link on Facebook.