Thursday, 9 January 2014

African print play pants

I've been making my children clothes for ages, I love the feeling I get when they are romping about in something I've made for them.

I stumbled across some pretty darn amazing fabric on line, African wax printed fabric and instantly fell HEAD OVER HEELS! I decided to make Arthur some play pants, harem style…easy to run around in and don't restrict any movement (was that a bad idea?!)….. and now have orders from Archie…. so better get cracking!

African wax print fabrics are made by printing the patterns in wax on the cloth and then dyeing the fabric. The fabric, which is 100% cotton soaks up the dye, excluding the portions whee the dye was applied. The wax is broken off by machine. Patterns are then printed on the fabric again with other colours.

I'm hugely into bold prints right now and have been using them in projects for my home and adore the vibrancy and playfulness they bring, so seeing my bouncy, happy, semi-feral children adorned in these is pretty fitting!

I hope you like them! xx


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