Monday, 23 January 2012

Broken China Ring

I LOVE the little gem of ring and I hope you will LOVE it too!!
So all of us china lovers have all been there (me more than most as i'm ridiculously clumsy!)... Your parading around the kitchen with your bestest most best Emma Bridgewater platter or beautiful vintage floral china then OOPS how did it end up on the floor in 10 pieces! (BLAME THE DOG!)
This is by far one of my all time fav' methods of upcycling chipped china and looks wonderfully darling AND is super duper easy peasy!...

What you need:

* 1 piece of broken china (maybe from the floral part, as big as you would like your statement ring to be, I like irregular shapes too)
* Protective gloves.
* Fine sand paper
* Super glue
* Jewellery ring base (you can get adjustable metal bases from any good craft shop or eBay and cost about 50p each)

What you do:

* Pop on your gloves
* Take a pretty piece of broken china. (if you don't have a small enough piece take a hammer to it down the bottom of the garden CAREFULLY!)
* Sand all the sharp edges of the china, the more you sand the more it looks like one of this wonderful pieces of bone chine you find washed up on the beach!
* Drop a blob of glue on the round base of your ring and carefully stick the china piece on - HOLD - Ta da!!!!!

See easy!

Ta Ta till tomorrow! X x x


  1. love these do you sell tham...what about necklaces? many thanks xx

    1. i do but am alomst sold out! x x x