Friday, 27 January 2012

Tea Cup Pin Cushion- EASY PEASY!

Happy happy friday!!!

I'd Like to celebrate this magnificent end of the week with a cheeky little gem to pop on your hobby table, computer desk or to give as a gift to a crafty colleague or thrifty BBF!....

I'll let you into a secret (if you haven't already guessed) NOT ALL crafts and homemade/handmade projects are hard therefore taking forever to achieve the finished object!!

Here is an easy peasy lemon squeezy tea cup pin cushion, it will only cost you a matter of a couple of quid and takes about 5 big whole massive minuets to make!

So here's how....

You will need;

* A tea cup and saucer (I got mine from a charity shop and cost 50p)
* A handful of fine wire wool (enough to just overfill your tea cup) rolled into a ball shape.
* A teeny bit of pretty fabric that's about 2cm bigger then the rim of your tea cup.
* Superglue.

What you do;

* Wrap your lovely fabric over the wire wool (so it looks like an iced doughnut) and secure it in place with little blobs of glue around the edge of the fabric here and there. Put it to one side to dry for a few seconds.
* Run a dotted line of glue around the edge of the tea cup about 1cm from the top and maybe a little blob at the bottom on the inside too, just to be secure.
* Pop your doughnut looking ball in to the cup, fabric facing up (quick sharp now, don't forget your using super glue!)
* Make sure all the edges of the fabric are touching the inner side of the cup, are nicely held in place and you can't see any of the wire wool.
* Put a dab of glue on to the base of the cup and glue it into the saucer (it keeps it steady when your using it)


To buy this in a shop you will hand over the best part of £10-£15 and YOU have made one for well well well under a fiver!



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