Saturday, 21 January 2012

Zakka style!

A little bit is Saturday vocab for you...
Why not add the word Zakka to your memory bank this year, courtesy of my my newly discovered fetish, Mollie Makes magazine, I have been introduced to this wonderful new word!

Zakka, it's a japanese word meaning "many things" and to capture the feeling of surrounding ones self with pretty kitsch wares, and to notice the beauty in everyday objects.

Fabric designer Rashida Coleman-Hale has edited a glorious new book about Zakka style with 24 wonderful ways to Zakka!

I'm off now to see how many times I can say Zukka in one day!

X x


  1. Hi!! I was watching TV this lunch time and straight away I fell in love with your coat which you made with curtain fabric!! loved it!!
    then i found your blog=) I love your blog so much, im craft love too and cooking<3
    Anyway, i am surprised to see the word 'zakka' here! i am from Japan but living in London about 5 years now. so i was simply glad that you introduced little japanese culture here =) Thank you and im looking forward to read your farther blog =)) xx Yoshi

    1. Hi Yoshi

      Thank you for your lovely words! I'm glad you love my blog.....I love my readers!!
      I adore Japan so being able bring any sort of cultural reference makes me super happy!
      Claire x