Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy Tip Shop Wednesday!

Wednesdays are always such glorious days for me, come rain or shine you will find me scurrying around local recycling centre store rooms (tip shops) and today was no exception, I walked away with a cheeky little bundle of joy containing 6 rolls of vintage wall paper (they are utterly 60s retro happiness), 2 dusky pink hand blown wine glasses and 4 old bath salts jars, all will be carefully cleaned and used lovingly!
I've been foraging for treasure in my local areas for a few years and I have to admit it's become a bit of an obsession....I think i can be classed as either Stig of the dump or a country pirate!
You can literally find anything from vintage typewriters to giant bags of vintage lace or original illustrations to WW2 amo trunks....... I LOVE IT!


1, Don't get carried away, it's so easy to think that Ming looking vase will go for millions on eBay...It just doesn't work that way, my local recycling centre manager owns a Range Rover sport....go figure!
2, See it, hold it, own it....especially on a Saturday. 50 year old men take no prisoners when they want what YOU think your going to buy.
3, Haggle,Haggle,Haggle - NEVER take there first price even if it's 50p!
4, And finally....Leave the diamond rings and Rolex (i wish) at will mean the difference between paying £1 and £21


TA TA for now x x x

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