Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Instant beautiful cake stand

This year my niece and I are planning on forcing our home baking on the masses by entering a sponge or two in to the Romsey show (as inspired by the our national treasure Kirstie Allsopp!) a tradition we need to embrace to keep going!
Any how, I'll be trying to bag more points (not that I'm trying to compete against my 14 year old niece or anything) and entering mine on a home made cake stand and if you've tasted my cakes before you will know they are very hit and miss so I'll need all the help I can get, it takes seconds to make and not only looks ├╝ber chic but utterly twee and charming!
Also on the plus side, I found the glass and plate in a charity shop for 75p and pinched the glue from Daddio (you can get some from any good hardware store)

Here's how...

You will need:

A pretty dinner plate
A thick stemmed glass
Poxy glue

How to make:

*Give everything a good scrubby clean and dry.
*Dab a liberal amount of poxy glue on the upturned base of the glass.
*Press it firmly onto the centre of the base of the plate.
*leave it to dry


You can wash it as you need, just don't chuck it through the dish washer, i'm sure it's fine but i've not tested it yet.

Perfect perfect table center, perfect perfect gift and hopefully perfect perfect way to nab a colour in the cake contest!!

Ta ra for now
X x

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