Thursday, 19 January 2012

Drafty crafty solution on a budget

I don't know about you, but when something catches my eye that I don't like (even if I've loved it in the past) I can't stop looking at it, it sticks out like a sore thumb and I get major eye twitch!
My very old draft excluder was in the "eye twitch" box and my inner OCD was screaming to either lob it (not really what I ever do) or make do and mend. So here's what Clairey did next....

Super duper quick, cheap and cheerful wind stopperer!

You will need:

*An old draft excluder, cushion stuffing or a load of old rags (to scrunch up and use as stuffing)
*some beg, borrowed or freshly "stolen" fabric (I used some old cushion covers that i had cut up and re sewn back together to make enough length of fabric for this project)
* A needle and thread (if you have a nice cuppa and your feet up) or a sewing machine if you just want it done now!
* ribbon

What you do:

*Measure your cushion length and width or if your using loose stuffing, how big you want it to be (width of your door) leaving an extra 10cm of fabric loose each end.

* Fold both the small ends over (by about 3cm) to give nice neat ends and sew or blanket stitch (that looks really sweet too).

* Fold the fabric in half lengthways (pattern facing in) pin and sew a strait stitch along the long open edge joining the two edges together making a tube shape, make sure the tube is big enough to slide your cushion into.

* Now turn it the right way out (pattern facing out) and give it a good neat iron.

* side your cushion through leaving the extra fabric bits at either end free or if your hand stuffing, tie one end with a ribbon first then stuff and tie the other end.

* Tie both ends with a twee bow and give it a little kiss.

There you have it!!

Ta Ta till tomorrow x

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