Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Just a really quick one to show my appreciation to a man, it doesn't happen that often i thought i'd blog about it to see what you think!

*Uncle James Blow and his new found (slightly obsessive) love for industrial pallets!*...

One of my very closest man friends who i have always held very high on the DIY front, utterly excelled himself recently when he proved to me (and is wonderful wife pictured below) that not only is he imaginative but down right thrifty! MAN THRIFT .... THERES A THING!

He needed a new fence and cupboard for his "boot room" (they live in the forest......tres posh)but on a budget. His wife, we will call her Emily, generally doesn't settle for second best or second hand so Mr Blow had is work cut out.... and what a show of work he did!

I personally think he should ditch the day job of Master mechanic and technician and concentrate on upcycling Pallets!

Big love to the Fam' that rock, Uncle James, Auntie Em, Hugo the impeccably behaved Weimaraner, Tom Tom, Edy and of course Ola and Buenos Dias to Manny x x

Back tomorrow after tip shop Wednesday! x

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