Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Vintage Tea For Me!

Got a text from my friend that read; "mum has two tea chest boxes. Any good to you for creative purposes?" ..... Eeeeeeeeer does a Bear jobby in the woods!?

They where delivered quick sharp to my front door, upon seeing them I wizzzzzed with excitement (much to my friends step dads amusement.....yet another gentle fellow who doesn't get my love for anything knackered/vintage/old/retro and or grotesquely unique!)

I've been looking for a "something" for the wall behind the table for ages and the giant pile of wicker just wasn't cutting it!

So as from this day forward my "new" 1973 Assam tea boxes abode in there new home, looking splendiferous, smothered with original markings and instructions..... I LOVE THEM!

{ a sneaky beaky told me they know where there may be more...I have no more room so I'll happily divulge if your interested! }

TA RA x x x

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