Sunday, 5 February 2012

Just to add to my tea cup obsession...and to please certain people!

I've been asked (badgered in to) by a bunch of buddies to write this wee post with the recipe for my magnificently sweet homemade tea cup candle, that i showed on Superscrimpers last Monday (yes i've been able to remove myself from behind my pillow now i've stopped cringing!)

You where going to be in for some uber vintage storage love, paper rose ring treats followed by upcycled commercial pallet gloriousness, but you will just have to wait a few more days for that now!....

Now then, Now then.... Tea cup candle or Tea light.
Vintage tea cup candle from £9.50

You will need;

* A cup and saucer, it could be vintage or not vintage, i got mine from a charity shop and it cost well under a quid.

* Some old, used, unwanted candles (Try not to mix too many scents, it just pongs BAD!)

* you can either use the wick from the middle of another old candle or you can find new self standing wicks on EBay for about £2.00 for a bunch.

* A large saucepan of boiling water and a smaller saucepan or metal jug (that will fit in the larger one nicely)

What you do;

* Either click the link below for the latest episode of Superscrimpers here i show you how ( about 2.5 minuets in ) or follow these really simple instructions....

* Pop your broken unwanted candle bits into the small pan/jug and pop it into the large pan of water (try not to let any water get in to the pan of wax, its not dangerous just ANNOYING!)

* While that's slowly melting, take your small length of wick and dip it in to a little melted wax and secure it on to the bottom of the teacup, i hold mine in place with a bit of sticky tape that's placed over the top of the cup (if you have free standing wicks you don't need to do this)

* Once your wax is liquid VERY CAREFULLY pour it into your tea cup

* Wait for it to dry .... meanwhile, make a cup of Earl grey...I'm always up for a bit of Bergamot!


They make such deliciously wonderful gifts or be utterly selfish and keep them all for your self!

Now go and make, make, make....and tell your friends!

Ta TA for now x x

P.S If you do happen to watch the video below then do promise you wont laugh and/or chuck rotten food at you telly box!



  1. I made these last year as Christmas presents :D

    I used a tea cup for the mould and melted tea lights and cheap wax crayons together. They separated and made these cute candles.

    I really love your blog and love ideas like this

    1. Hiya

      LOVE!!! Isn't it wonderful making things for friends and family to use as gifts, such a great idea!

      x x x