Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rag Heart to Warm Your Heart.

My, my, my, isn't it cold! I'm not sure about you but this freezing coldness gives me such an urge to get super cosy under and blanket with a little bit of "tinkering" craft to pass the long evenings that can be finished in time for my bedtime cuppa and possibly uses up any old fabric or old clothing that's just too pretty to be turned into a duster and so I DO NOT have to venture outside!
To my delight I found some left over edges of the Cath Kidston fabric i'd previously used for my cushions, it was a little shabby and screaming to be turned in to something gloriously chic....rag heart is what I'll do! Oh I do like a rag heart, my house is full of them, perfectly teetering on every available door handle and wardrobe nob....possibly a sign of how long our winters are!

What you need;

* Wire coat hanger
* Wire cutting tool
* A bunch of old rags, the tattier the better, cut in to strips let's say as long and as wide as your index finger.
* A little ribbon or string for hanging

What you do;

* Carefully cut the wire either side of the hook and bend it in to a heart shape (my sister doesn't use cutters at all and uses the coat hanger hook to hang it on the wall and it stays nice and big) fix the two ends in place with some sticky tape or twist the two ends together after you've made it into your heart shape.
* Now make a cuppa, your fingers will need a little rest after all that bending!
* Knot your pieces of fabric all around the wire.
* Tie a little ribbon to hang.


Told you it was easy. I'm off to rummage for tomorrows crafty caper and to find my thermals ready for flea market Friday!

Bye for now x x x

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