Thursday, 9 February 2012

One mans trunk is this girls treasure!

Yesterday was terrifically "tip shop Wednesday" now, to be 100% honest 50% of the time I'm well and truly disappointed and find diddly squatt BUT yesterday i hit the jackpot twice!!!

Some may and some may not know this about me but i have an absolute obsession with vintage luggage cases, i literally have them in every room, piled higher then my nose, filled with an array of "gotta keep junk".

Well i happened to see these giant trunky beauties hidden away in the corner of the tip shop storage unit...i look and see and £20 sticker on both "THATS £40, IM NOT HAVING THAT" i utter to my Daddio (whom 5 minuets previous I'd happened to bump into at the tip, which added fuel to my suspicions of where i get my pirate scavenging genes from!)

So..... i haggle, then haggle some more, flash a smile, even call one of them James Bond, FINALLY walking away bagging them both for £5 each. 75% discounted......... BARGAIN!

They have been spit spot cleaned and now house more of my every growing families toys and look tremendous...what do you think??

So now its got me thinking....i don't have any more room for any more of my oh so loved cases maybe i could UPCYCLE future luggage finds!............


TTFN x x x

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