Monday, 20 February 2012

Vintage cake stand lovage!!

I have a love for all things china and all things vintage, it's part of my "old lady chic" mentality!
One of the first things I upcycled for hard cash was a three tier cake stand made from vintage tea plates (before they became all the rage!) they are so charming and super sweet and they look adorable plonked on the table, piled high with cakes and finger sarnies accompanying afternoon tea and Elderflower Champagne (my own homemade hooch)
I sell them by the truckload to blushing brides over the wedding season and it's such a joy knowing they are attending someones life changing day!
I was asked to get making this weekend by a very special friend who wants to use one in the celeb gifting lounge at London Fashion Week (Giggles like a girl with delight!) although it has to be 4 tiers (I'm kicking myself for never doing this before) and I'm so impressed I shall be making more for your summer teas! (although you can't tell my friend....she may want a cut!)

I'm now off the watch myself embarrass myself on Superscrimpers!

X x x


  1. How do you make these? Thy're adorable! Would love to make one for my family and friends! xox

    1. Hiya

      I make these myself and to be honest your better off looking on utube for a tutorial rather then me go into a long explaination...they are so worth it and look AMAZING smoothered in cakes! x x

  2. Great topic and wonderful information! A little history lesson in art appreciation...I feel a little smarter already.

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